Colour Range

TIER® 3D consists of Flat Panels and Corners and are all made from natural stone, therefore suitable for interior or exterior applications. Comprised of precision-cut natural stone, these interlocking contemporary panels are hand-assembled with absolute precision. The result is a thin stone veneer that, when completed, will leave you with a new feeling of modernity and class. These contemporary 3D Panels are perfect for commercial and residential facades, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens and many other applications.

Myra Limestone

Grey Basalt

Tundra Grey

3D Panels

  • 5 Flats / 5 Sq Ft / Box
  • 28 Boxes / 140 Sq Ft / Crate
  • 10-12 Ibs / Sq Ft

3D Corners

  • 10 Corners / 5 Sq Ft / Box
  • 28 Boxes / 140 Sq ft / Crate
  • 10-12 Ibs / Sq Ft