Colour Range

TIER® Crafted Range consists of two components: Flat Panels and Corners. These modular panels fit seamlessly together, eliminating the need for specialized labour and make TIER® a quick and easy system to use with virtually no waste. The panels and corners are made of natural quartzite, granite, limestone, sandstone or slate. Each panel is composed of a number of individual stones that have been dressed by hand and adhered together with high strength epoxy glue. All panels and corners are Z-shaped in order to hide the joints from view, creating an authentic stone wall appearance.

Myra Limestone

Grey Basalt

Cream Travertine

Crafted Panels

  • 5 Flats / 5 Sq Ft / Box
  • 28 Boxes / 140 Sq Ft / Crate
  • 10-12 Ibs / Sq Ft

Crafted Corners

  • 10 Corners / 5 Sq Ft / Box
  • 28 Boxes / 140 Sq ft / Crate
  • 10-12 Ibs / Sq Ft